Cosmo Di Toro came to Port Credit in 1958 and fell in love with the area. He decided to open his own driving school. He did not know what to name it when his daughter suggested Cosmo Driving School. Ever since 1959 Cosmo Driving has been in business.

It is a proud choice for families for professional driver training in Mississauga. Cosmo Driving believes in superior driver training at affordable costs. We provide comprehensive driver training to those who are new to driving or want to polish their skills for the next level. We specialize in working with new and nervous drivers. Our commitment is to diligently prepare you for the driving test so that you can successfully earn your driving privilege in Canada.

Mission Statement

At Cosmo Driving our mission is to teach safe and defensive driving skills to youth and seniors alike. Statistics on collisions for beginners is alarmingly high. Most driving schools focus only on passing the road test but we emphasize on the future beyond the test just as much. Most drivers drive till 80 or 85 years of age.

It’s a fact of life in Canada, and with the extreme weather we cannot afford to overlook defensive driving skills. So whether you are 16 and beginning on your journey of driving or are 78 and have to re-qualify for your license- you can count on Cosmo Driving to give you the edge on defensive driving.